12/06/12 – An Intruder

Today has been the first day that it was easy to take a photo as even though I didn’t get to leave the house again today I had an intruder.

Next door’s elderly cat (affectionately called Ginger Balls as we don’t know his real name) has adopted our garden for sunbathing purposes after they bought a yappy dog last year.  He was in my garden this morning while I was hanging washing out ( a risky business with the current UK weather) so I dashed back in to the house and grabbed my, now fully charged, camera to grab a shot before he scarpered.

Ginger Cat

Camera Settings:

  • ISO 160
  • 1/125 (still no idea what this means)
  • F5.9
  • Flash Off
  • WB Auto
  • No exposure adjustments.

I’m quite pleased that I remembered not to place the cat in the centre of the photo today, although in truth it was having to keep his tail in frame that reminded me – so luck rather than judgement in this case.  I can see that I’ve lost some of the detail in Ol’ Ginger’s face so that bit is over?exposed (I think I have that the right way around, Over exposed is too white, no detail captured).

On a side note though – I really need to do some gardening!!

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