11/06/12 – Not pie

So today was a write off as far as getting out and taking some photos.  My baby girl was playing up and I haven’t got used to the stares from elderly people yet when she loses it in public so a day at home it was.

In the end I took some hasty shots of my daughter that are all so bad that if it hadn’t been for this blog I wouldn’t be keeping at all.  I really struggle for inspiration when I don’t manage to leave the house – taking photos of sauce bottles or condiments just feels odd somehow…Although it did occur to me to take a photo of my dinner (cottage pie), it only occured half way through eating it and the pie didn’t look nearly as appealing half eaten.

So here’s today’s shot:

Baby Girl

The information from the camera settings is:

  • ISO 800
  • 1/60  (not sure what that is – note to self to look it up in the manual)
  • F5.8
  • Flash On
  • WB Auto
  • No exposure adjustments

Not sure there is anything right about this photo, the lighting is poor, there is clutter in the background (xbox and wires), and the cat toy is in focus rather than my daughter.

The only thing I remotely like about this picture is the diagonal angle of my daughter, but even then it would have been better if her  face hadn’t finished in the centre of the photo.

oh well…tomorrow is another day

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