09/06/12 – Finding Auto

Shooting Modes for the F550EXR

Well this was harder than I imagined.  I usually only take photos at events or on holiday, and there you have the ready made subjects and situations waiting to be captured – but in real everyday life finding something I wanted to take a picture of was hard.  I guess that is one of the things I need to learn.
I have learnt today where the auto mode on my camera is though – not bad having owned the camera since October.  I usually use the scene position settings, but felt using these when I’m trying to learn kind of defeats the point.

So today’s photo is a purple flower in my back garden taken in desperation for something to shoot before the day was over:

According to the camera this was taken with the following settings

  • ISO 400,
  • F4.8,
  • No flash,
  • Auto White Balance
  • no exposure adjustments.
Purple Flowers

My initial thoughts on this photo are

That there doesn’t seem to be any focus on what I was trying to shoot – the flowers are all spread across the frame and the stems seem sharper than the flowers.

The trellis on top of the fence isn’t as nice a background to contrast with the purple flowers as the solid fence below.

I like the colour contrast between the purple flowers and the brown fence, and the sunlight catching the tops of the buds.

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